Welcome in the sandbox!

Blockgames like Minecraft or Minetest give you the ideal playground for creative playing and building just like a real sandbox. But other than real sandboxes, you can work on very large worlds together with your friends over the internet. And you can use (very simplified) physics, save the progress and more.

But what about learning programming while expressing your creativity? Why not automate things? Or build even greater things?




Untested: Install Minetest, install luajit, install luasocket and luacjson. Then “pip install miney” and we should be ready.



First lines of code

The first lines of code with miney should be the import statement and the creation of the miney object “mt”. This will connect miney to your already running Minetest.

import miney

mt = miney.Minetest()


Whenever you see a object “mt” in the documentation, it was created with this line!