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Welcome to the Miney documentation!

Miney provides an Python interface to Minetest.

First goal is to have fun with a sandbox for Python.

Do whatever you like:

  • Play and fiddle around while learning python

  • Visualize data in unusual ways

  • Automate things with bots

  • Connect minetest to external services like discord, twitch or whatsoever

  • Do whatever you want!

Join the Miney community on Discord: https://discord.gg/jCzZ7qs6ZT


For the best way to get everything running, take a look at the Quickstart page.


Miney is currently in beta, so it’s usable but the API may change at any point.

Why Python?

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Some marketing text from the Python website:

Python is powerful… and fast;
plays well with others;
runs everywhere;
is friendly & easy to learn;
is Open.

These are some of the reasons people who use Python would rather not use anything else.

And it’s popular! And cause of that it has a giant package index filled by over 450.000 users!

Why Minetest?

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Why not Minecraft? Minetest is free. Not only you don’t have to pay for Minetest (consider to donate!), it’s also open source! That’s a big point, if you try to use this for example in a classroom.

Also modding for minecraft isn’t that easy, cause there is no official API or an embedded scripting language like Lua in Minetest. Mods have to be written in Java, but have to be recompiled on every Minecraft update. Cause of that many attempt for APIs appeared and disappeared in recent years.

In contrast Minetest modding in Lua is easy: no compilation, a official API and all game logic is also in Lua.

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